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The Bourne family has been hand-making fine Cheshire cheese since 1750, and since 1930 at the Bank Farm. We are currently members of The British Grass Land Society, and Specialist Cheesemaker’s Association. Free Delivery on Orders Over £25 - UK Only


Mrs Bourne’s Mature Cheshire:

Our mature Cheshire is the closest to the Cheshire Cheese of old. We sell it at about 5 months of age when it has developed into a full and natural flavour. The texture is crumbly but moist balanced with a salty taste.


Cloth Bound Cheshire:

Our Cloth Bound Cheshire is aged in the Farmhouse cellar. These conditions are essential to allow the cheese to ripen. It is slightly milder than our Mature Cheshire but not without great taste and flavour.


John Bourne’s Blue Cheshire:

Mr Bourne’s Blue Cheshire is a unique Cheshire Cheese that stands out amongst others. It is allowed to mature for some time before piercing to allow the blue mould to develop, producing a balance of cheese and blue. The taste is tangy and rich, with an earthy salty balance.


Oak Smoked Cheshire:

Our Oak Smoked Cheshire is smoked over a mixture of Oak, Ash and Beech for 3 days providing a unique flavour. It is a similar texture to the Mature Cheshire but is very slightly drier due to the smoking process.


Mixed Cheeseboard:

An excellent selection of our 4 cheeses. Mature, Cloth Bound, Blue & Oak Smoked. Perfect for sharing with friends & family or sent as a gift.


Cheshire Cheese Hamper Box:

A small hamper box neatly presented with a selection of 3 of our Cheshire Cheeses, a jar of Mrs Darlington’s tomato chutney and a box of Millers water crackers. A lovely treat for yourself or as a gift for friends & family.