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The Bourne family has been hand-making fine Cheshire cheese since 1750, and since 1930 at the Bank Farm. We are currently members of The British Grass Land Society, and Specialist Cheesemaker’s Association. Free Delivery on orders over £30 - UK Only

*Award Winning* John Bourne’s Blue Cheshire


*Winner Virtual Cheese Awards* 

Best Hard Blue Cheese 2023

WOW, where do we start with this timeless classic. Mrs Bourne's Blue Cheshire really is the pinnacle of all elegance in the Cheshire cheese world today. After spending years of trial and error we think we have now perfected the only Blue Cheshire actually made in Cheshire. The balance of a creamy mature cheese with a light colouring of blue veins makes for an extremely smooth yet rich taste which tickles every part of your taste buds but the most important thing is it's neither mild or mature and the blue doesn't dominate the palate.

Ingredients: Pasteurised Cow's Milk, Cheese
Cultures, Vegetable Rennet, Salt, Annatto