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The Bourne family has been hand-making fine Cheshire cheese since 1750, and since 1930 at the Bank Farm. We are currently members of The British Grass Land Society, and Specialist Cheesemaker’s Association. Free Delivery on Orders Over £25 - UK Only

Coloured Clothbound Cheshire

This cheese is quite possibly the best Cheshire cheese this side of the border, as the only traditional farmhouse Cheshire cheesemakers left we thought we'd go back to when this prolific cheese was at the peak of its time. This iconic cheese is truly how you'd find Cheshire  100+ years ago and with the slight red colouring  matching the traditional barley straw colour, which has been so often over done to stand out by other brands. We however wanted to make this cheese available to everyone by using vegetarian rennet and by pasteurising the milk to make it ultra safe for all people in all conditions. The cow's are grazed on the salt plains here in Cheshire giving an incredible variety of flavours from a slightly acidic first taste to a wonderfully creamy sweet after taste, which can only be described as unique to this area.